Mysteries of the Bible

Can we ever fathom the mysteries or hidden secrets of the Bible? If we just simply read the Bible, we can never know or understand these mysteries. Unless we study the Bible diligently, we can never know about God and the secrets of the Bible. Among these mysteries that we must know is the mystery about God. Actually, even Biblicists have many questions and curiosities regarding the Bible.

First of all, in order to know about the hidden mysteries in the Bible, we must believe that the Bible is 100% absolute. Although it is written by men, it contains a lot of mysteries which we must know. These secrets are not revealed to all men. Why? Simply because not all people are interested to know or study about the Bible.

When we read the Bible, it says that we must study the Scriptures or the Bible diligently because it testifies about Him. In other words, there is no other book which proves that God surely exists. Also, do you know about the mystery of God? God and the Bible always go hand in hand. We cannot know God without the Bible.

Even if a person claim to believe in God but he doesn’t believe the Bible, then that’s only a lie. God reveals His mysteries to those who earnestly long for Him. He knows everything about us even the hidden things. We can never hide something from God. But God knows everything and only those who yearn for Him are the ones that can understand the hidden mysteries of the Bible.