The mission and contribution of the American Bible Society

The Bible is one of the most common books that all people know around the world. Even if people are not Christians but they also know the bible. Even if they had not read even one page of it, they know that the bible is the book that testifies to God. But to some, it is a complete stranger to know that there is the Bible that exists and we should study for our salvation. People have made many efforts to let the Bible available to us today.

One of the entities that have made their mission to spread about the Bible is the American Bible Society. The entity has the mission and goal to let people read the Bible by giving them free copies of the Bible in various countries around the world. that is why it is being translated into different languages so that more people can read it and have access to it from this cleaning company click post As it is expensive to buy one so the entity makes it their goal to give free copies.

you can read the different facts about the society in the infographic above. there mission and accomplishment. You can also read what do they do so they can achieve their goal. You can also see its history presented in a summarized timeline. Because of that effort, they had made, many people now can read the Bible and understand the commandment and words of God. The faith of those who read the Bible should be one that will give them life. See this amazing cleaning company who will help you in housekeeping. Browse over their Asian website here 清潔公司. All of the cleaning service that you want are in their list.