The meaning behind the record of constructing the ark of the covenant

If you will just say the word ark many people would think of the ark of Noah that God had made Him construct in the old testament times. But there is another ark and that is the ark of the covenant. If you had not read the bible then you may wonder what is this ark that you do not know of and what is special and important about it. It is one that God had commanded the Israelites to make in the times of the old testament.

You can read and see the illustration of the ark of the covenant. God has provided each of the detail for making the ark of the covenant. Each of the materials that they used, they receive instruction from God on what is the measurement and where they should be positioned with this accounting firm service 會計師事務所. There is a cherub that guarded the ark just like there are cherubim who guard the way to the tree of life in the garden of Eden that God puts when Adam and Eve committed sin.

If you can study the relationship between these two things then you will wish to know the reality of the ark of the covenant and the way to receive eternal life. When Adam and Eve committed sin, they receive the wage of their sin and that is death. But the solution is they will just eat the fruit of the tree of life in Eden. But the way was blocked. They should find the way to regain eternal life.