The list and summary of the various dreams recorded in the bible

Since humanity has begun, we have given meaning to our dreams. Even the pagans who do not believe in God also believe that dreams have to mean and so they also try to interpret them and know its meaning. If you will search you can find a list of dreams and their interpretation. In the bible also, there is the list of dreams that is recorded in the bible. There are major dreams that are prophecies to tell the future. Here are the dreams.

After some facts, you can read the list of the dreams in the bible. There are eleven that was recorded in the book of Genesis that includes the dream of Abimelech, Jacob, and his brother Laban. The dream of Joseph is also illustrated. you can know more in one article that is on this website already posted or will be posted go over here. His dream about his family and also he was able to interpret the dream of two prisoners with him while he is in Egypt.

The dream ok King Nebuchadnezzar about the dazzling and also describe as an enormous statue that is unique and very big in size. It is a prophecy that was supported by the dream also of Daniel. Daniel received the content and interpretation of the dream of the king and he also dreamed of a dream with the same interpretation or meaning. How good it is if we will know the dreams and their interpretations that is connected to our salvation.