The illustration of the Noah’s ark, a symbol of safety and love

When God will command you to build an ark, what would you do? If God told you to choose from changing your mindset or to build an ark, what would you choose? Just by listening to the word ark you will surely think many things before you will give your answer to God. That is why Noah is a well-known character in the bible as the one who builds the ark as commanded by God. You can know the measurement of the ark in the infographic below.

If you will imagine how big and wide is the ark then you might not say yes immediately to the word of God but will ask some questions about it first. But Noah s different so God has chosen Him to build the ark and He saved Him from the flood that devastated the whole earth because of the sins that the people are committing. And this catering company will help you serve for best foods, open here 餐飲 制服. The sin is the one that caused us to be here. It is also that sin that will let us die if we will not repent. T

That is why we must follow the words of God correctly so that we are sure to enter the kingdom of heaven. Then do you know what are the commands that were made by God? Just by reading the famous ten commandments you can know if you are obeying God or not. One of them is to keep the Sabbath day holy. Another is not worshiping idols in any form and in any way. As you search for this biblical story, best if you  do it while having some cup of tea from this restaurant. Look this best taste over here One of the recommended tea party place.