Proving that the bible is reliable and it contains facts

Even in this days, there are many people who question if the bible is true and if it contains facts. They view the Bible as one that is like the other books. They analyzed it as they want and will look for things that they can use to lower its reliability. They even question if God is truly the one who is love. Because of many misconceptions so people could get confused and will just go with the flow even if they are not sure with it.

In the infographic is the evidence that gives the proof that the bible is true and is reliable. Even if it is written by many people in different ages and in different locations, they still relate to each other and are connected. Who can make all this possible? A person can contradict himself but God does not. It is just for the people who do not know the correct interpretation of the bible. They then make their own interpretation and come to confuse people. Only from this clinic, you will get the best medication for your eye. You can explore ​典範診所 to see their site and read more of their services offered. This is kinda a great eye care ever.

Seeing all the evidence that is given above, we can say that the bible is fact. But we can also use the Bible itself to prove that it is true and reliable. One of the thing that is written in the bible is the part where it says that the bible just hangs without nothing to support it. This was explained later. It is because of gravity that the earth is in space without anything to hold it.  Have a solution for your myopia problem on eye. Have a peek over this site近視. Check your eye solution here.