A list of interesting facts about the 10 commandments

The ten commandments are very famous not just to Christians but to other religions. Even if they have their own teachings but they also have some doctrines based on the ten commandments. But there are some facts that people don’t know of about it. This was given to Moses from God in Mount Sinai written on two stone tablets. They were to be regarded as holy and to be obeyed strictly. But it was forgotten and many though as a command only in the old testament times.

One of the fact that was pointed out is that the ten commandments are divided into two parts. The command for God and the command for other people. The command of God should be the one to receive more emphasis because our salvation depends on it. If we follow it our souls can live as God is the only one who can save or punish our soul, check moreĀ from this site. But many people put the importance of the rules to other people rather than the commands for the creator.

The Sabbath is a command of God that must be kept by those who wants to enter life as God promised that we can be His people if we will keep Sabbath day and we can also know the savior of our souls. That is why we should keep the Sabbath holy as written in the commandment even if other people keep the Sunday worship that started when Emperor Constantine declared it as the day of the sun.