Is the Roman Catholic the First Christian Church?

Garofalo, Christ Washing the Disciples’ Feet, Italian, 1481 – 1559, c. 1520/1525, oil on panel, Patrons’ Permanent Fund

Many people assume that the Roman Catholic is the first church that appeared in history. However, all the historians do not describe the Roman Catholic as the first church but rather they describe the first church as Early Church or Early Christians. The whole world knows that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel.

Most people also knew that the the disciples of Jesus, in whom Christianity believes, are Israelite. It is already said that the church of Jesus emerged in Israel. How can the Roman Catholic Church be the first church when the name of the church already connotes where it cam from, Rome? Before the Early Saints preached to Romans, there was already a church in Jerusalem, that also became the headquarter of the church.

This is seen through the establishment of the Papacy Kingdom, a religious kingdom that bears political power was established in 538 AD. The Roman Catholic has totally different teachings from the teachings of the Early Christians and we can see through the books that they published about these. The teachings that they have changed and has been passed down from then on to the last generation.

The Roman Catholic church is regarded as the true church for the claim that it is the first church. Some people think that all the teachings of the Roman Catholic are true and genuine. However, the Catholic books testify that everything of the church is different from the Early Church’s. In short, people mistook the Roman Catholic as the first church. This is why history is very important.