The history of how Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday

It was already been revealed many times by those who understand the truth of the Sabbath. It is one of the commandments of God that people must keep if they know the creator and the savior of the souls of humankind. People have the physical life that they have on this earth but there is also the spiritual life that comes from God. Jesus teaches that people who are alive physically but have no promise of eternal life are dead. Let’s watch first the video on Sabbath.

The bible already wrote what would happen in the future of mankind. He already prophesied that someone would change the law and commandment that He gives. He is the one against Him. It was fulfilled and one of the commands was changed. That is the sabbath day that was turned to Sunday worship because of an edict of an emperor who has no faith in God even if he claims to convert to Christianity. He worships the sun god and so he made Sunday its venerable day.

Even if people know about this but they just continue to keep the Sunday as they do not know what to do and where they could keep the true Sabbath. They must find the church that absolutely follows all the commands of God and not just the Sabbath because it is not the seal of God. If people can find the seal of God then they will find the second coming Jesus that is prophesied to open the seal of the bible.