The Bible

For thousands of years, people who claim to be Christians or believers read the Scriptures or the Bible. For some people, they don’t want to read the Bible because they insist that it was written by men. However, all men must know and understand that the Bible is fact. It testifies about the absolute truth of life. Why is the Bible given to us? It is to teach us the way to be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven.

Do you believe that heaven exists or not? If you believe, it means you can believe the Bible. This is because the Bible testifies that heaven exists. Other people call themselves “atheist”. Why? They claim or insist that God does not exist.

If a person does not believe God, it means that he believes the theory of Charles Darwin. What is his theory about? Well, it is all about the Evolution of Man or the Origin of Species. That person who can’t believe God believes that his ancestor is an ape. Can you really accept that? It would be better to believe in God at least 50% and study the Bible diligently until you can have 100% confidence that God surely exists and that the Bible is absolute.

The Bible contains many hidden secrets and mysteries. If we will not find out about these mysteries that can lead us to salvation, we can only expect the negative consequences of not believing God and the Bible. Actually, we can never imagine the negative consequences of not believing God. We have to study the Bible to have an absolute faith in God.